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We are a statewide nutrition education program for adults (and kids) who want to learn how to make healthy meals, improve their physical fitness, save money at the grocery store, grow their own foods, and adopt better food safety habits. We have offered nutrition education to SNAP participants and program eligible persons in over 200 Texas counties for over 20 years.

Growing Nourishing Healthy Communities (GNHC)

Zapata CISD Community Garden Group

For more information about participating in our local community garden in partnership with Zapata CISD please call your Zapata AgriLife Extension Office at (956)765-9820.

2018 Newsletters


BLT Newsletter-February2018

BLT Newsletter-March2018


Interested in the BLT program for your organization or group?
  • Throughout Zapata County, participants are given healthy recipes, cooking demonstrations, food safety information, portion control recommendations, and grocery shopping tips through research-based lessons like:
  • A Fresh Start to a Healthier You!: a program focused on healthy and safe food practices
  • Walk and Talk:  a program to increase physical activity, in order to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Eat Smart, Live Strong: a senior-adult recommended series to increase activity and nutrition
  • My Plate: a series solely focused on discussing the importance of each food group


Zapata County’s BLT Program Assistant

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