Welcome to Zapata County!

Our office is on the second floor of the courthouse located at 200 E. 7th Avenue Suite 249. Feel free to stop by and visit with our county agent(Health) Sammy Luera and county agent (Agriculture and Natural Resources/4H) Jesus Rodriguez.

Watch this video to learn more about the services offered through your local extension office.





Be sure to check out our events section for all upcoming Agrilife Zapata County events, programs, and important dates to remember!

Mailing List

We are currently working on a mailing list to send out newsletters, event invitations, and reminders of important dates. If you would like to join our mailing list, please email us at zapata-tx@ag.tamu.edu. Leave your name, address (both mailing and email), and a phone number. Thank you very much for your help in creating this list and being a part of Agrilife.


The Essentials Cookbook

Our Essentials Cookbook is finally here! The Essentials Cookbook is full of over 100+ recipes for healthy living! This cookbook features 9 categories to help you create healthy meals in any situation – Starters, Salads, 5 Ingredient or Less, One Pot/One Pan Meals, Side Vegetables, Kid Friendly, Slow Cooker, Grilling, and Desserts. Our recipes include all of the nutritional information per serving and none of our recipes contain more than 13% daily value for saturated fat, or over 600 mg of sodium per serving. We also included some helpful information that you are often searching for while cooking such as minimum internal cooking temperatures, storage time charts for the fridge and freezer, and measurement conversions! This cookbook is your one stop for healthy cooking for your family!


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