Agriculture and Natural Resources

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The Zapata County Agriculture & Natural Resources program focuses on improving and maintaining agriculture, crop, and animal practices while addressing issues like:

  • Environmental impacts within our community.
  • Crops/food safety and quality.
  • Water maintenance such as contamination or accessibility.
  • Natural resource management.

Agriculture and Natural Resources’ main goal is to meet the educational needs of our community by providing resources on subjects such as plant life, animal life, soil, water, and air in order to properly provide the right renewable and nonrenewable natural resources.

Check out the video below for more information from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Jason Banta on how to use worming pour on.

Fall Lawncare Tips To Improve Spring, Summer Turfgrass

Watch this video below to learn tips on how to prepare your lawn in the Fall to set up good grass for the Spring and Summer.


Raising Backyard Flocks Biosecurity for Birds

Raising backyard poultry is a growing trend across the United States.  It is very important for all backyard poultry owners to know the signs of two deadly poultry diseases, as well as the basic “biosecurity” steps you can take to protect your birds.  APHIS runs the Biosecurity for Birds campaign to help raise awareness among backyard, hobby and pet bird owners.

Please visit the link below for more information.

Biosecurity for Birds

For further information visit:

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agriculture & Natural Resources

Extension Agricultural Economics

Texas Department of Agriculture

Go Texan

Square Meals


Aggie Horticulture

Farm Service Agency

Master Gardener Program

Soil, Water & Forage Testing

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Texas Parks & Wildlife

For more information on local programs, contact:

Jesus Rodriguez, County Extension Agent – Agriculture and Natural Resources

Office Phone: (956)765-9821

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